A truly personalized experience

"I’ve received bodwork from devynn several times over the past few years and they always treated my needs and my body with respect, care, and intuitive attention. They’ve provided substantial relief to a variety of problem areas. They asked questions to get the bottom of the situation and provided a great follow-up to not only see how I was feeling but also to share what they noticed during the session, which made it feel like a truly personalized experience. Their breadth of knowledge is evident not only in their bodywork but also in the suggestions they provide on how to help your own body. I recommend them with full confidence."

Affirming of all forms of gender identity and expression

"The deep knowledge, care and compassion that devynn emory brings to their work as a massage therapist and healer is really profound. I saw devynn for a message when I was dancing extensively and pushing through chronic back pain during a long performance run. The session only lasted 30 minutes, but I was surprised at the level of work we were able to accomplish. The message felt very comprehensive and allowed me to release a lot of the pain I was carrying in my body. Afterward, they took some extra time to explain a few self-massage techniques so I could try to stay ahead of the chronic muscle cramping I tend to experience near my thoracic spine. I would highly recommend devynn to anyone, especially those who experience chronic pain and anyone who is seeking a message therapist who is affirming of all forms of gender identity and expression."

The most perfect and intuitive touch

"devynn is an amazing massage therapist with the most perfect and intuitive touch AND also a wonderful person who is a true advocate for my body and an educator on issues of the body and the mind-body connection. For years now I have left after each appointment feeling lighter: my knots and muscle tension worked out and with a greater understanding of and respect for my own body. devynn is truly a marvel and there is no massage therapist I would recommend more."

Physical and emotional growth

"I have been seeing devynn consistently for the last 2 years. I initially came to see them for tight hamstrings and a chronic lower back pain, from what I assumed to be years of intense competitive athleticism and dancing. In addition to working on my physical body, devynn helped me to see and make sense of the emotional trauma that I stored in those areas. Last year, I experienced two pregnancy losses, both of which devynn went above and beyond, helping me to stay connected to my body, in a time where I wanted nothing more than to disconnect. I feel more connected to my body now than I have in my entire life, and I know that Devynn has played a role in the physical as well as the emotional aspects of this growth."

A safe and nurturing space

"devynn is a gifted bodyworker. They have a wonderful ability to be present and truly listen and this comes across during the massage. When I came to see devynn and said, ‘I feel like everything is tight and stuck in here,’ and then gestured vaguely to the left side of my abdomen. They were able to create a session that was deep enough to release the tension, but gentle enough to not feel intrusive. I like knowing that whenever I book a session, I completely trust devynn to be attentive and create a safe and nurturing space."

Deeply attuned to the body

"devynn is one of the most gifted healers I’ve worked with. they are generous with their time and attention, as they listen to understand your concerns. they are also deeply attuned to the body, its sources of pain, and its process of healing. I leave their table feeling freer, calmer, and more attuned to my own physical being."